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Privacy Policy

We understand your concern for personal privacy in accordance with legal guidelines set forth for our industry, and we want to inform you as a valued customer of our policies for securing or using information. In recent years, over 31,000 customers have voted their trust in us by purchasing insurance through Community Financial Insurance Center. We are dedicated to preserving your privacy and we have tough privacy standards.

We will never give, sell, rent, lease or otherwise transfer your name (or information about you) to any person or entity other than the insurance company you are applying to (which may include outside paramedical firms, investigative agencies which are used in the normal course of insurance underwriting).
When you provide us with personal information such as your name, address, e-mail and/or phone numbers, we will consider that action as being your express invitation that we, contact you about insurance via e-mail, telephone and fax, using the information you have supplied, even if you are registered on any state or federal "Do Not Call" list. When you provide us with personal information, you are also granting us your express permission to contact you using standard and public e-mail transmission facilities, which are not secure or private. Where permitted by law, some insurance companies may confirm your information through the use of outside consumer reports, which may include credit score and driving records as is standard practice in the insurance industry. When you buy insurance from us, you will remain in control of your purchase decisions at all times. We're dedicated to making the insurance purchase process as private, fast, easy and secure as possible.