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So, what’s the benefit to becoming a member bank? There isn’t one. Actually, there are many. Here are just a few.

  • It isn’t enough to simply be able to offer your customers “insurance.” We know you want to be able to offer them insurance at the best rates. Community Financial works with a number of companies, in multiple markets, so you can quote the best rates available.
  • The expertise and reputation of Community Financial’s staff give you the edge in offering a quality of products and service. Think of us as your team to handle the paper shuffle of claims, renewals, so you – the producers at the bank – are able to do what you do best, selling products and establishing and maintaining relationships.
  • Member banks can write their own insurance with Community Financial, saving you more on your bottom line.
  • Your bank becomes a “one-stop financial shop,” giving you the ability to cross sell banking products, e.g. mortgages and insurance services, to help you retain customers and build business.

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